A compelling investment opportunity

To date, the initial research, manufacturing and safety trials for ΔGŪ have cost around US $60 million. Funding to date has come from the US Department of Defense, the University of Oxford, the US National Institute of Health, the Technology Strategy Board and Angel investors.

TΔSŪ now requires investment that will allow the company to accelerate commercialisation of ΔGŪ.

    This further funding will enable:

  • Additional studies in defence and sports/performance applications
  • Securing regulatory approvals in the UK, EU and the rest of the world
  • Registration (where applicable) and protection of intellectual property
  • Refinement of large-scale manufacturing process
  • Defining market entry
  • Formulation and implementation of sales and marketing strategy

To achieve these goals, TΔSŪ now seeks corporate and institutional investors with expertise or interest in the area of sports and performance drinks. This will help the company achieve its stated target of commercialising first products based on ΔGŪ within the next year.

For further information on this unique opportunity, please contact invest@tdeltas.com